Car Parking Card

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Temporary Car Parking Card Telephone Number Card Notification Night Light Sucker Plate Car Styling Phone Number Card

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Superbright surface Design, gorgeous and noble

Size : About 150*19mm

Color : Gold, Silver

Material: ABS plastic

Simple and easy for anyone Easy to install

DIY Ample numbers chips For any Phone number

Simple Design / Suction Cup method

Luminous effect is clearly visible, more convenient to use at night

How to install:

Remove the pretective films on the surface of the number card & the carving card

Use the carving card to carve out your phone number on the number card

Fix the 2 suckers on the number card

Clean the suface of the glass on the windshield or the window where you want stick the number card to

Dip some water on the 2 suckers, this will make the suckers stick to the glass tightly

Stick the number card to the windshield or window of your ca